Old Testament Kingdom Prophecies Listed

Here is a full, though not quite exhaustive, list of Old Testament Kingdom Prophecies (OTKP’s). Amillennarians define OTKP as any OT prophecy fulfilled on or after the Day of Pentecost, when the first stage of the (two-staged) Kingdom of God began with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. As opposed to “simple” OT Messianic prophecies, which were fulfilled in the life of Christ prior to Pentecost, OTKP’s cannot be interpreted literally, but must be interpreted through a skillful use of the New Covenant Hermeneutic (NCH). That is, they must be interpreted:

  • Covenantally: As being fulfilled under the New/Eternal Covenant, and as referring to the several elements of that
  • Christologically: As being fulfilled in the Person and Work of Christ
  • Typologically: As using OT ideas and images to convey NT
  • Ecclesiologically: As being fulfilled among God’s New Covenant people, the Church, which is comprised both of Jew and Gentile
  • Eschatologically: As being fulfilled in the last days, which are the days in which the New Covenant has been made manifest; as being fulfilled either in the first stage of the Kingdom (the Kingdom of the Son), the second stage of the Kingdom (the Kingdom of the Father), or both.

Our hope and prayer are that as you apply the New Covenant Hermeneutic to these beautiful OT prophecies, the Holy Spirit will enable you to understand and delight in them, and also to use them mightily for the advance of Christ’s Kingdom.


  1. 30:1-10 The Lord Will Gather You (DF)
  2. 32:34-43 The LORD Will Make Atonement for His Land

2 Samuel

  1. 7:8-17 Your Kingdom Shall Endure Forever (DF)


  1. 2 The Reign of the LORD’s Anointed
  2. 22:27-31 The Ends of the Earth Will Turn
  3. 69:34-36 God Will Save Zion
  4. 72 A Prayer for the Coming King
  5. 89 God’s Eternal Covenant with David
  6. 96 Sing to the LORD, All the Earth
  7. 132 Zion, My Resting Place Forever


  1. 2:1-5 The Mountain of the Lord
  2. 2:6-22 The Day of the Lord
  3. 4:2-6 The Branch of the Lord
  4. 9:1-7 A Child is Born
  5. 10:20-23 A Remnant Will Return
  6. 11:1-9 A Branch from Jesse
  7. 11:10-16 A Remnant from All Nations
  8. 12:1ff The Church’s Song of Praise
  9. 14:1-2 Taking Their Captors Captive
  10. 19:16-24 Israel, Egypt, Assyria: God’s Inheritance
  11. 24:21-23 Bound for Many Days
  12. 25:6-9 A Feast of Fat Things
  13. 26:1ff The Song of Judah
  14. 27:1ff A Remnant Will Worship in Zion
  15. 30:18f Your Eyes Will See Your Teacher
  16. 32:1-5 A King Will Reign in Righteousness
  17. 33:16-24 The Land of the Majestic King
  18. 35:1ff The Joy of the Remnant
  19. 40:1f Comfort My People!
  20. 41:8-20 Fear Not, I am with You!
  21. 42:1-4 Behold, My Servant!
  22. 43:1ff Israel’s Only Savior
  1. 44:1-5 Israel My Chosen
  2. 44:21-28 She Shall Be Built
  3. 49:1-7 A Light for the Nations
  4. 49:8-13 The LORD has Comforted His People
  5. 49:14ff God’s Promise to Zion
  6. 56:1-12 How Beautiful Upon the Mountains
  7. 52:13-53:12 A Suffering Servant, an Exalted King
  8. 54:1ff Your Maker is Your Husband
  9. 55:1f Come, Buy, Eat!
  10. 56:1-18 I Will Gather Others
  11. 60:1-22 Zion’s Future Glory
  12. 61:1ff They Shall Build Up the Ancient Ruins
  13. 62:1ff A City Not Forsaken
  14. 63:1-6 The Day of Vengeance
  15. 65:8-10 The Faithful Remnant
  16. 65:17ff I Create Jerusalem a Joy
  17. 66:7-14 A Nation Born in a Day
  18. 66:18ff The Nations Gathered to Zion


  1. 3:11-18 God’s Promise to Faithless Israel
  2. 12:14-17 God’s Word to Israel’s Wicked Neighbors
  3. 23:1-7 The Righteous Branch of David
  4. 29:10-14 I Will Bring You Back (DF)
  5. 30:1f I Will Break His Yoke (DF)
  6. 31:31f A New Covenant, a New Heart
  7. 32:36ff They Shall Be My People
  8. 33:1-13 Jerusalem, a Name of Joy Before the Nations
  9. 33:14ff God’s Eternal Covenant with David
  10. 46:26 Eschatological Mercy to Egypt
  11. 48:47 Eschatological Mercy to Moab
  12. 49:6 Eschatological Mercy to Ammon
  13. 49:39 Eschatological Mercy to Elam
  14. 50:4-5 They Will Ask the Way to Zion
  15. 50:17-20 I Will Pardon the Remnant
  1. 50:34 Eschatological Mercy to the Earth


  1. 20:33-44 I Will Be King Over You
  2. 28:24-26 Israel Will Dwell Securely
  3. 34:11-31 I Will Lead My Flock to Rest
  4. 36:8-15 God’s Word to the Mountains of Israel
  5. 36:22-37 I Will Prove Myself Holy
  6. 37:1-14 Resurrection Life in the Valley of Dry Bones
  7. 37:15-28 One Stick in My Hand
  8. 38-39 Gog and Israel in the Day of the LORD
  9. 40-48 Israel’s Worship in the World to Come


  1. 2:31-45 The Statue of Man, the Kingdom of God
  2. 7:1f The Vision of the Four Beasts
  3. 9:20-27 The Prophecy of the Seventy Sevens
  4. 11:36-12:13 The Last Battle and the Resurrection of the Dead


  1. 1:10-11 Children as the Sand of the Sea
  2. 2:14-23 Wedded in the Wilderness
  3. 3:5 Israel Will Come Trembling
  4. 11:10-11 The LORD Will Roar
  5. 14:4-7 I Will Heal Their Apostasy


  1. 2:18-27 You Shall Eat in Plenty
  2. 2:28-32 I Will Pour Out My Spirit
  3. 3:1ff Judah’s Glorious Future


  1. 9:11-18 David’s Tabernacle Restored


  1. 1:15-21 Salvation on Mt. Zion


  1. 2:12-13 I Will Gather the Remnant of Israel
  2. 4:1-5 The Peoples Stream to Zion
  3. 4:6-8 I Will Gather the Outcasts
  4. 4:9-13 Arise and Thresh, Daughter of Zion
  5. 5:1-6 He Will Be Great to the Ends of the Earth
  6. 5:7-8 A Remnant Among the Nations
  7. 7:7-13 A Day for Building Your Walls
  8. 7:14-20 Unchanging Love to Abraham’s Seed


  1. 1:15 Good News for Judah


  1. 3:1-19 God Will Go Forth for His People’s Salvation


  1. 2:1ff Israel Will Be Restored
  2. 3:9-13 A Humble People in the Land
  3. 3:14-20 Sing Aloud, O Daughter of Zion!


  1. 2:5-9 The Latter Glory of God’s House
  2. 2:20ff Zerubbabel, My Signet Ring


  1. 1:4-17 The Four Horsemen
  2. 1:18ff The Four Craftsmen
  3. 2:1-13 Jerusalem Measured for Blessing
  4. 3:1-7 A Brand Plucked From the Fire
  5. 3:8-10 The Coming Branch
  6. 4:1-14 Grace, Grace to It!
  1. 5:5-11 Iniquity Removed from the Earth
  2. 6:9-15 A Man Whose Name is Branch
  3. 8:1-23 Zion’s Future Peace
  4. 9:9-17 The Coming Warrior King
  5. 10:1-12 I Will Bring Them Back
  6. 1-17 Jerusalem, a Cup that Causes Reeling
  7. 12:1-9 Strong in the Lord
  8. 12:10-14 Before Strength, Tears
  9. 13:1-6 After Tears, Cleansing
  10. 13:7-9 The Stricken Shepherd, the Gathered Flock
  11. 14:1-2 The Last Battle
  12. 14:3-5 The Day of the LORD
  13. 14:6-11 The World to Come
  14. 14:12-15 The Judgment to Come
  15. 14:16-21 The Worship to Come


  1. 1:1-14 From the Rising of the Sun
  2. 2:17-3:5 The Messenger of the Covenant Will Come
  3. 4:1-6 The Sun of Righteousness Will Rise


NOTE: DF = Dual Fulfillment. In OTKP’s where this occurs, the prophecy has both an historical fulfillment under the Old Covenant, and an eschatological fulfillment under the New Covenant, in the (two-staged) Kingdom of God.