Apostasy from the Gospel (pdf)
Apostasy and Perseverance (pdf)
Hebrews 6:4-6 on Apostasy (pdf)

The Book of Daniel

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks and Biblical Prophecy
Jesus, the Temple, and the Prophecy of Daniel
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel – An Interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27

The Book of Revelation

The Fall of Babylon: A Study of Revelation 18:1-24
Revelation 11 – Part 1
Revelation 11 – Part 2
A Strong Angel and the Seven Thunders: A Study in Revelation 10
Who Are the Overcomers in Revelation 2 and 3?

Covenant Theology

The Covenants of God
Covenant Theology Is Not Replacement Theology
Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism

The Day of the Lord

What Must Happen Before the Day of the Lord?

The Great Tribulation

666 and the Mark of the Beast
God’s Wrath: A Look of Romans Chapter 1


A Christian Approach to Old Testament Prophecy Concerning Israel
Is the Modern State of Israel a Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy?
The Restoration of Israel

The Olivet Discourse

As In the Days of Noah (pdf)
Matthew Twenty-Four – The Olivet Discourse
Matthew 24 – 1&2 Thessalonians Passage Comparisons (pdf)
When Shall These Things Be?

The Rapture

The Timing of the Rapture

The Seals, Trumpets & Bowls

The Seven Seals
The Seven Trumpets
The Seven Bowls

The Second Coming

The Blessed Hope in the Last Days
The Coming of the Lord
The Second Coming of Christ, A Look at the “Any Moment” Theory
What Christ Will Do at the Second Company

General Topics

Approaching End Times Prophecy with Care
Christ: The End of the Law
The Doctrine of Endless Punishment (pdf)
Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible
The Names of Jesus (pdf)
Old Testament Kingdom Prophecies Cited in the New Testament
Old Testament Kingdom Prophecies Listed
Prophecy Makes Strange Bedfellows: On the History of Identifying the Antichrist
The Prophecies of the Old Testament, Respecting the Messiah, Fulfilled in Jesus (pdf)
Reigning with Christ
Scripture References for the Attitude of Mankind in the Last Days
The Three Millennial Viewpoints (pdf)
What Is Eschatology? 4 Views, Why There’s Disagreement & More